Here’s Actually, Once And For All, What Modern Design Means


When you’re describing design styles, you may be using the words “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably—and you wouldn’t be alone. Though they’re actually quite different, the words themselves have similar definitions, so you’d think the design styles would, too. But you (and everyone else) would be wrong. Though it might be one of the most commonly used design words, modern design […]

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These Are The Best Places To Buy Unique Wallpaper Online

Wall Paper

Putting up wallpaper—whether it’s covering a whole room or just used to create an accent wall—can totally transform your home. There are even temporary options out there that can be easily removed, so renters can still get in on the wallpaper fun. The only problem is, sometimes it’s a challenge to find wallpaper that doesn’t look stuffy or like everyone […]

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Woman Proudly Shows Off 18,000-piece Puzzle That Took Her One Year To Complete – Until People Point Out The One Missing Piece. Can You Spot It?

Puzzle 3

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Crossing the finish line: A woman proudly shared a photo of herself with the 18,000-piece puzzle she has finally completed after one year of working on it A woman proudly shared a photo of herself with the 18,000-piece puzzle she has finally completed — but some eagle-eyed Reddit users could only focus on the single […]

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The Chuck Bookshelf Is Unique, Simple, Dynamic, And An Artpiece In Itself


The Chuck, a Red Dot winning bookshelf, ticks all my boxes for innovation and design. It’s simple in its construction, easy to use, fun to interact with, can store books/media of different types and sizes, has the capacity to look strikingly different every time you make a change to it, and is very capable of being the most interesting piece […]

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Sustainable Design And Construction

building design

SEG’s 12-person team works out of a historic commercial building that has achieved net zero energy using strategies that include waste heat recovery, natural ventilation, a photovoltaic roof system, and real-time energy-use monitoring. Image: HGA July 09, 2018 | John Caulfield, Senior Editor Sustainable Engineering Group will bolster its new owner’s design and planning abilities. In her talk at Accelerate […]

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This Modern House Is Designed To Support A Dog’s Health Needs

beautiful bathroom design

Dogs might very well be man’s best friend, but not even human best friends get this kind of design treatment. Atelier About Architecture designed a home in Beijing around the needs of the owners’ dog, and let’s just say it’s not your average dog house. Photo by Sun Haiting via Designboom The firm split the 4,300-square-foot residence into two distinct […]

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Apartment Renters Now Expect Sustainable Design Features In Their Units

Sustainable Design 2

Sustainable design features including energy efficiency and good indoor air quality are now becoming so common that they are almost taken for granted. “What used to be exceptional is now everyday,” says Dave Borsos, vice president of capital markets for the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), a multifamily industry advocacy group. Today, new apartment units almost always include some green […]

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Report: Design-build To Deliver Almost Half Of US Projects By 2021

Sustainable Design 3

Design-bid-build (DBB) is the most widely used project delivery method in the United States, according to the Lean Construction Institute of America and other groups. Under this method, an owner contracts separately with a designer, who provides complete design documents, and a contractor, who provides the most attractive price bid to execute that design. But new research from consulting firm Fails […]

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