These Are The Best Places To Buy Unique Wallpaper Online

Wall Paper

Putting up wallpaper—whether it’s covering a whole room or just used to create an accent wall—can totally transform your home. There are even temporary options out there that can be easily removed, so renters can still get in on the wallpaper fun. The only problem is, sometimes it’s a challenge to find wallpaper that doesn’t look stuffy or like everyone else has it, too.

If you’re on the hunt for wallpaper that’s unique and different (even if that just means a new take on an old classic!), you’re in luck. These online stores have just what you need, at all different price points, color and pattern options—including removable murals, abstract prints, and even a site where you can even design your own. Your walls are about to get the coolest makeover ever.

1. Minted

DawnLight Removable Wall Mural$330 and up

Minted’s offerings are technically wall murals and not standard, all-over pattern wallpapers, but that’s what makes them so cool. You can cover your whole wall with one big image, if you’d like. Plus, they’re removable, so they’re great for renters, too.


2. Lulu & Georgia

Orange Crush Wallpaper$58

Lulu & Georgia is a great place to buy stylish furniture and just about anything else for your home, and wallpaper is no exception. There are currently 92 different patterns to choose from on the site, and they range from cool illustrations to unique florals.


3. Anthropologie

Cat Study Wallpaper$128

Anthropologie is probably already one of your favorite destinations for impossibly chic home items, so it makes sense that the brand’s wallpaper selection is so impressive, too. This cat wallpaper is just one of many options—you’ll find pages of unique designs to choose from.


4. Etsy

Blue Wildflower Removable Wallpaper$26 and up

As always, if you’re looking for something unique, Etsy probably has you covered. A search for wallpaper on the site pulls up more than 80,000 results—both removable options and more permanent wallpaper, in just about every design imaginable.


5. CB2

Caymen Black & White Palm Wallpaper$149

Leave it to Crate & Barrel’s cool, younger sister-like store, CB2, to have a small-but-mighty selection of interesting wallpapers, like this fun, modern black-and-white palm leaf print paper that definitely makes a statement.


6. Kate Zaremba Company

Land of Women Wallpaper$25 and up

Yes, that is a whole strip of wallpaper covered in illustrations of a woman’s face. Awesome, right? You’ll find this design and many more cool, abstract options like it at the Kate Zaremba Company—and you can always buy them in 8×10 or poster sizes if you’d rather hang them as art.


7. Graham & Brown

Botanical Duck Egg Wallpaper$90

Graham & Brown has more than 700 wallpapers to choose from on its website, and you can easily shop by color, pattern, room, and the top picks on the site in different categories. With that many options, it’s hard not to find something you love.


8. Chasing Paper

Simple Stripe Tile$40

If a strong selection of graphic, removable wallpaper is what you’re after, look no further than Chasing Paper. Not only can you shop by pattern and color, but scrolling through the brand’s entire selection is deeply satisfying, as it’s all organized like a rainbow.


9. Wallpaper Direct

Medina Wallpaper$328

Wallpaper Direct has a huge selection of wallpapers to choose from (more than 11,000!) and they come in every style you can possibly think of, from more traditional options to abstract, watercolor designs like the one seen here.


10. Spoonflower

Blush Navy Chevron Stripes Wallpaper$60 and up

Last but not least is Spoonflower, which is a great destination for buying custom-printed wallpaper (and fabric, and gift wrap). And by custom, I mean not only are there more than 7,000 designs to choose from, but you can also design your own. If you’re an artist or know someone who can create a design for you, you can now have your own, one-of-a-kind wallpaper in your home.