Does Design Count

Does Design Count

designer bathroom

Whether you’re thinking about renovating, planning to design a garden party/wedding, or want to invest in a designer piece of jewelry, your eye will be focused on the aesthetics of the design.

So, what do you need to consider when you are renovating a bathroom, for an example?

I ask an expert, Director of Decem Cabinets Pty Ltd to give us some insight and let us know what he likes to look at and review when he’s renovating a bathroom.

Q: What do you need to consider before the rip out?

The layout, what you want, whether the walls are concrete not are all things to consider. Also what design style you are trying to achieve, what toilet, and look you want to go with is equally important before we start redesigning a space.

Q: How long does it take to renovate a bathroom? Why?

4 weeks approximately, due to the demolish, water proofing, tiling, screeding, cabinet turn around etc.

The waterproofing membranes and screeds take time to dry correctly. You cannot do all coats on the one day, you should be doing 3 coats of waterproof.

Screed might go in the day before, but they may not always be ready for tiling overnight, there’s conditions to consider here.

Q: How important is tap and accessory selection?

It’s funny you should as that, it is probably the most important part of any bathroom as these fixtures do and are fitted into the wall and are not easily changed later on.

Accessories need to have special fixings, fixed behind the tile work, right at the start of the job.

So, you see, design and what the eye can see, touch and use are paramount to renovating a bathroom. Quality work can be hard to find. Decem Cabinets Pty Ltd operates out of the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Director Anthony has over 25 years experience.